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There is no method...yet, only madness. If you enjoy my music, great. That makes my day. I'd appreciate your support via follow/like in various social mediums. Stay tuned as I progress and hopefully get better and better at this.

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Posted by Ectohelix - November 10th, 2012

Working and studying hard to get better at this. Any constructive criticism is certainly welcome. Getting a lot of newer and neater ideas the more I learn, like realizing creative possibility as I grow into my DAW. So far everyone on the site has been super helpful and really kind. Couldn't ask for a better community of people for a budding artist.

Posted by Ectohelix - August 3rd, 2012

I've had friends on facebook & soundcloud who said if I was looking for constructive (helpful) criticism on my music, this was the place to be. Not only that, I just want to share my music and see if anyone likes my style.

I'm bound to improve with time and I'm working very hard on learning as much as I can, as quickly as possible. I know when you're cramming, you miss things... but rest assured, after all the chaos, I'm hoping to have a style & sound set that I'll stick to so my music won't be so crazy/random/chaotic. Unless ... that happens to be what people like about it (which I doubt, but you never know).

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check my profile out. I'm an easy going, friendly guy, that loves making music. Not to mention the friends I've made in the process. Maybe someday I'll be good enough at this that someone out there wants to collaborate on a song. Who knows? I wouldn't, if I didn't try. <3 & Peace~